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Business Development New York City


The objective is to provide the intern with comprehensive exposure to various organizational tasks and departments. To achieve this, we have curated a list of tasks and experiences based on different departments where the intern will be a part when needed. Our aim is to ensure that the intern gains firsthand experience of the business's daily operations while learning from each department in the New York City Office.

To provide comprehensive support to the General Manager in their day-to-day responsibilities, the intern will contribute to various office tasks. These tasks include efficiently managing guest registrations, overseeing office material procurement, and coordinating catering arrangements for events and client visits. Moreover, the intern will be responsible for creating a welcoming environment by greeting visitors upon their arrival and ensuring the smooth dispatch of packages through both UPS and our in-house messenger service.

Samples Library
We possess a comprehensive library comprising samples and materials that are integral to our work. Currently, we are seeking an individual to revamp our sample collection. This task involves proactively engaging with various manufacturers to acquire the specific samples we require, including new finishes and materials. The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in expanding and updating our sample inventory, ensuring we stay up-to-date with the latest industry offerings.

Order Acknowledgements
The intern will help with conducting weekly order verification. This process involves cross-referencing our purchase orders with the corresponding acknowledgments received from suppliers. By meticulously comparing the details, the intern will play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of our orders. This spot-checking procedure enables us to identify any discrepancies and maintain a high level of precision in our procurement process.

Assist the sales team with organizing any digital presentation needed or other support for client activities. Join salespeople at meetings, sales pitches, and showroom visits. Attend selected evening events with the General Manager to network and search for new clients. Learn Fast Office software, and assist the sales team with building Test Fits, and high-level budgets. 

Our marketing team has a team member in our office who will collaborate with the intern. Their objective is to showcase ongoing projects and potentially involve the intern in selected initiatives.