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Internship Fabienne

Door: Fabienne

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August 24th, 2018 The service at Stage-USA was very good. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and I received every time I had a question a super quick answer. Furthermore, the company where I do my internship is great! I've already learned a lot, and the team is awesome. They help me with professional work as well as they helped me to find housing and transportation. 

One thing I wasn't quite happy about is that the process to get the visa took me so long. Only one week before I flew to the US, I was able to book my flight, because migration needed so much time to send me the documents after the skype interview. As well as that, the cost of the visa process summed up to more than I thought. I knew that the visa process would be long, pricey and complicated. However, I didn't assume that much work. Besides that, I would recommend to send each prospective intern a clear tender what costs they can expect including ALL expenses (such as Visa, estimated housing and transportation costs etc.).