Quinty in Los Angeles

They really helped me even when I had some trouble at the consulate.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Quinty

October 12th, 2018 They did everything they could do to help me and responded to my emails super quick. Because of Stage-USA I was able to pick my visa up at the consulate in 2 days and I could leave to LA on the day I was supposed to leave. Thanks for everything. The only thing I would recommend tp Stage-USA is to do some research on the phone provider you are giving away simcards from. I was really happy with the simcard I got from you as a gift, but they turned out to be more expensive than other connection providers. Lees verder >

Danielle in New York

I feel that I got a really good service. 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Danielle

October 9th, 2018 They helped me to achieve my goal and everything went fine, step by step. Lees verder >

Tolunay in New York

The service provided by Stage-USA is simply perfect!

Score 5/5

Internship Tolunay

October 8th, 2018 Stage-USA guides you through all the steps and are always very quick to respond. I would definitely recommend to everyone.  Lees verder >

Joris in Exeter

The service is great.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Joris

October 8th, 2018 I am really happy with the step-by-step help that I get from the Stage-USA people throughout the program. I would recommend Stage-USA to note in the letter provided with the free SIM-card that only the SIM-card is a gift but the telephone bills are not. This was confusing at first. Lees verder >

Patrina in Los Angeles

My internship went great. I have grown professionally and personally. I have garnered enough experience to push me to my future.

Score 5/5

Internship of Patrina

October 4th, 2018 I have garnered enough experience to push me to my future. Words cannot express the love and appreciation I have for my host company. They treated me like family and there was never a moment I felt out of place there. My time there was amazing and I will never find another company like that one.  I was completely satisfied with the service provided by Stage-USA. Lees verder >

Lucas in Los Angeles

I think it went excellent!

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Lucas

September 28th, 2018 The traineeship went smooth and I had no problems at all. I think its a really great company with a bunch of happy people who are very positive in personal life as well as in work life. Lees verder >

Gamze in New York

The people I have worked with from Stage USA and who helped me during the process were very kind, helpful and patient.

Score 5/5

Internship Gamze

September 26th, 2018 Stage-USA informed me about everything all the way throughout the process and responded really fast if I had a question.  Lees verder >

Alexander in New York

I am very satisfied about how my internship went.

Score 5/5

Internship Alexander

September 24th, 2018 The company I worked at had an excellent working atmosphere and I had great opportunities to learn, gain knowledge and start my career. Something I would like to mention about the service provided by Stage-USA is that It would be beneficial for interns if you would give more support in regards to the accommodation finding process.  Lees verder >

Janine in New York

It all went very smoothly and the communication was always on point.

Score 4/5

Internship Janine

September 14th, 2018 Once I've got accepted at my company, I got my visa in 4 weeks so that's really fast. They always helped me with all of my questions and I am glad that I chose for Stage-USA. I would like to mention one thing regarding the process. Once I arrived in New York, I knew I had to send my DS2019 form to my sponsor. But I almost forgot to apply for a Social security number (I was 3 days too late). It would be really helpful if stage USA could send you a reminder for that because it's an important step if you want to get paid. Lees verder >

Marc in New York

It worked out perfectly!

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Marc

September 14th, 2018 Everything I needed was handed to me and everything went smoothly. All the questions I had were answered right away. Lees verder >

Tom in Iowa

It's good to have one contact person during the application process.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Tom

September 18th, 2018 The contact with Stage-USA worked well and made things simple. The contact with my contact person was good and I knew that she would answer my questions soon and clear. Overall feeling, clear and good communication, correct and honest in word. This was my first visa application so I didn't know what to expect. My contact person helped me very well in this process. A thing that would have made things more clear for we could be a sort of timeline. This shows the steps you completed and the steps with documents you need to provide to complete the application. This would give me more overview in my whole application process and I would have known what to expect. Lees verder >

Bas in New York

In general, I am pretty satisfied by the placement service Stage-USA provided. 

Score 3/5

Internship Bas

September 14th, 2018 In general, I am pretty satisfied by the placement service you provided. However, I would recommend you to make sure the companies that you offer actually need an intern. In my first week, I started together with another intern and we both didn't have to do much. We mainly worked on our school projects. In the second week, it slightly changed, but we still don't have to do much. And after all, we came here to learn new things. Also, make sure the coaching is well arranged because that's an important subject to the interns.  Lees verder >

Moisha in New York

I think the placement service was great!

Score 4/5

Internship Moisha

September 14th, 2018 Unfortunately there was no place for me in LA. But they search for me and found a great agency in New York for me. What I would like to mention is that there was a lot of money asked from me. All the money I saved has been spent on finding an internship with Stage USA. Lees verder >

Talja in New York

I love the company I am placed in. 

Score 5/5

Internship Talja

September 7th, 2018 I think that this company, but also the possible companies before really fitted me and my interests. Definitely very satisfied! The communication with Stage USA is very open and they responded very fast. Everything is clean and the process (which is quite hard sometimes) is as easy as it gets.  Lees verder >

Guido in Jupiter

It was a fun internship and I learned a lot. I made new friends and I had a fun time. My research was all completed and I hope it helped out my host company.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Guido

September 5th, 2018 My Internship was a full success, I can highly recommend it. It was a fun and open place where I got to work with different things. In my opinion, Stage-USA did a good job of supporting me and arranging my Visa, everything in the United States went without any problems. Lees verder >

Anita in New York

I think it went really really good. I had a lot of responsibility and everyone trusted me that I will do my tasks in the highest quality. 

Score 5/5

Internship Anita

September 5th, 2018 I loved going to my host company every day and felt welcomed and appreciated. In regards to the support, I received from Stage-USA I am satisfied and never had any problems. Lees verder >

Isabelle in New York

It was a great experience to live and work in New York for over 6 months. I learned a lot and saw it is to run a fashion brand here in New York.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Isabelle

September 5th, 2018 I learned a lot and I am satisfied with everything. There is nothing I can recommend Stage-USA for improvement- it all went smooth. Lees verder >

Alexander in Golden

The internship went really well and I had an awesome time!

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Lex

September 4th, 2018 Amazing company with great people. I can recommend Stage-USA establishing an online portal. Lees verder >

Floris in Miami

My host company is amazing.

Score 5/5

Internship Floris

August 27th, 2018 Stage-USA took care of me really well. Thank you Rebecca and Claudia!  Lees verder >

Fabienne in Los Angelese

The service at Stage-USA was very good. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and I received every time I had a question a super quick answer. 

Score 4/5

Internship Fabienne

August 24th, 2018 Furthermore, the company where I do my internship is great! I've already learned a lot, and the team is awesome. They help me with professional work as well as they helped me to find housing and transportation. However, one thing I wasn't quite happy about is that the process to get the visa took me so long. Only one week before I flew to the US, I was able to book my flight, because migration needed so much time to send me the documents after the skype interview. As well as that, the cost of the visa process summed up to more than I thought. I knew that the visa process would be long, pricey and complicated. However, I didn't assume that much work. Besides that, I would recommend to send each prospective intern a clear tender what costs they can expect including ALL expenses (such as VISA, estimated housing and transportation costs etc.). Lees verder >

Patricia in New York

The whole process was awesome. 

Score 4/5

Internship Patricia

August 23rd, 2018 I felt informed about every step and the next to do's. But I wished getting more job offers at the beginning so that you get a helpful overview about possible positions in your field.  Lees verder >

Noa in New York

Great! Everything went fluently and I didn't had to worry about anything.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Noa

August 23rd, 2018 I am really happy that Stage USA did arrange my VISA. You all are very nice and helpful. You all responded always really quick, are really kind and I never worried about the process. Lees verder >

An in Philadelphia

My internship went without any problems.

Score 4/5

J1 Visa An

August 22th, 2018  It was a good and educational experience. I gained a lot of insights into the several departments of veterinary medicine and the ways of working in the US. However, I did feel like I didn't get the chance to fully use my professional skills because they mostly teach their interns by letting them observe instead of letting them actually do practical activities. The host company was very supportive. Everyone I met there was very friendly and very eager to talk about their culture and habits here in the US, which was very interesting to me. The internships days were rather long, but for a short period of time, that is fine. Like I mentioned before, I would have liked it if I got a bit more hands-on work instead of observing most of the time, but I did always get the chance to ask many questions and they explained everything very well. I also feel like it would have been nice if the company would give me some feedback about how I am doing, but they don't give feedback straight to the intern. Stage-USA was a big help, mostly in all the planning and arranging before the actual internship started. It was nearly impossible to find a sponsoring organization for my visa application without Stage-USA, so I am very grateful for that. Lees verder >

Ana in New York

Stage-USA has been always by my side since the day I reached out to them to start a traineeship in NYC.

Score 5/5

Traineeship Ana

August 20th, 2018 They made the process very simple so I had enough time to say goodbye to my family and friends without been concerned about paperwork. I feel that Stage could be more informed about the host company's policies and internal procedures such as holidays, payment method, (things you can't discuss with the company during the interview). Because It would be nice to know these things before signing an agreement knowing everything about the company instead of finding out when you're already working. Lees verder >

Sanne in New York

The service provided by Stage-USA was excellent.

Score 5/5

Internship Sanne

August 10th, 2018 They helped where they could and they gave great advice. I would definitely recommend Stage-USA to anyone else. Lees verder >

Demi in Los Angeles

The service provided has been excellent. 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Demi

August 8th, 2018 The process is explained very well, it is easy to understand and the employees are very helpful with answering questions and have a quick response. So the communication is great. I would definitely recommend Stage-USA to people who are interested in doing an internship abroad! Lees verder >

An in Philadelphia

I got a lot of help with the visa application and the paperwork went very smoothly, which I appreciate.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa An

July 31st, 2018 I got a lot of help with the visa application and the paperwork went very smoothly, which I appreciate. I don't think there is anything to be improved. Lees verder >

Alessia in New York

They were reliable, supportive and very responsive.

Score 5/5

Traineeship Alessia

July 20th, 2018 I think the placement program is being run efficiently and with great support. Lees verder >

Lode in Chicago

The support I received from Stage-USA was fantastic. 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Lode

July 20th, 2018 They helped me throughout the whole process. They were always quick to respond to all of my questions. The information provided was very clear and thorough. I would definitely recommend Stage-USA to all of my friends who decide to go on the same kind of adventure. I am very pleased with the service provided. Lees verder >

Dominic van W in New York

The internship was a perfect opportunity to create a broader mindset.

Score 4/5

Internship Dominic van W

June 29th, 2018 The internship was a perfect opportunity to create a broader mindset. At the beginning of the program, everything is new and that makes it more exciting, then the routine breaks in and you get more comfortable with the pace of the city. In short, a good time to develop yourself as a person. The company has a nice mix of desk work on the one hand and some heavy work on the other. My supervisor showed me every aspect of how to run a small company in a competitive area such as New York City. The only point I would suggest to be improved is that Stage-USA could have given more discounts for museums and cultural activities.  Lees verder >

Tim in New York

I had a great time at my host company.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Tim

June 27th, 2018 I had a great time at my host company. I learned a lot and gained experience, both on a professional and personal level, which I will take with me for the rest of my life. They did a very good job in supporting me with everything that I needed in order to finish a successful internship in NYC. Looking back proudly at 5 months of internship abroad! Overall my internship went without any problems, so I didn't need any support, but I like the periodical check-ins Stage-USA conducts, in order to see how everything is going. Makes it easier to reach out if something would be wrong. Lees verder >

Martijn V in New York

It went great!

Score 5/5

Internship Martijn V

June 27th, 2018 It went great, I learned a lot and developed myself on a personal and professional level. I would recommend my host company to everyone. As for improving the service, the only thing I would suggest is that Stage-USA could offer more support with regards to housing. Lees verder >

Vincent in New York

Excellent, everything was done very professionally.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Vincent

June 19th, 2018 I would gladly recommend Stage-USA to anyone. The service was excellent, everything was done very professionally. Nothing I can think of to be improved. Lees verder >

Maaike in Los Angeles

Stage-USA's service is very good

Score 4/5

Internship Maaike

June 6th, 2018 Stage-USA's service is very good, I feel like I could always contact them whenever I had a question and I always got a quick response! Lees verder >

Robin in New York

Stage-USA's service is great!

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Robin

June 6th, 2018 Stage-USA's service is great, I did not have any problem during the arrangement and it went all very smoothly. Stage-USA responds very quickly and helpful! Lees verder >

Alexander in Golden

The service provided was great.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Alexander

June 6th, 2018 The service provided was great and I got to my internship in time even though there was little time. I think the document exchange and communication could be made a lot easier with an online system. Emailing went well but I think it would be more efficient for both parties. Lees verder >

Esther in Miami

I am very happy with the location provided.

Score 4/5

Traineeship Esther

June 4th, 2018 I feel good about Stage-USA's service; it took some time and it was not the department I originally applied for, but I am very happy with the location provided. Lees verder >

Anne in New York

It's great! Nothing to be improved that I can think of at the moment :-) 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Anne

June 1st, 2018 Fast replies to e-mails, great assistance, I couldn't ask for anything more. Especially Claudia has been so helpful!  Lees verder >

Emilie W in New York

No improvements necessary. 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Emilie W

May 22nd, 2018 My program went great, I had a great time working in a company in New York, the fast-paced environment, the people, the culture. I learned a lot professionally as well, improved my skills, and met some amazing people. Regarding Stage-USA's visa service, there is no improvement necessary that I could think of. The contact with Stage-USA was great - they are very quick and responsive via e-mail. We talked things through via Skype, in order to clear up everything related to the information they required from me, as well as my options for a visa program. Everything was very clear and well explained. The application process was also clear - I went for a rush procedure and it was pretty quick. Lees verder >

Dennis in Missoula

I feel like it went very well.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Dennis

May 15th, 2018 I feel like it went very well – nothing to be improved that I would know of. Lees verder >

Karen in San Diego

I am very happy with the service.

Score 4/5

Traineeship Karen

May 15th, 2018 I am very happy with the service that Stage-USA has provided me with. They have been very helpful throughout the whole process. Lees verder >

Alessandra in New York

The placement service is great. 

Score 5/5

Traineeship Alessandra

April 25th, 2018 I've received a considerable support during the different steps of the process by Stage-USA team. All the questions or doubts I have had were promptly clarified. The process itself (finding a job abroad and get the visa) would be very long and complicated, but thanks to Stage-USA, everything was super fast and easy. I think I've made the perfect decision choosing Stage-USA for my traineeship experience in the USA. It's definitely worth to invest money in this service. Last week was my first week at work. The office is beautiful, it is located in the heart of Manhattan, and the colleagues are really nice. I'm really satisfied with the job and the company where I'm enrolled now.I was a bit scared at the beginning when I had to decide whether starting with your program or not, as I didn't really know what to expect in terms of company you could provide to me.  During the first Skype interview, I wanted to have more information about examples of companies with which you are working with, but you couldn't provide me with a lot of info unless I decided to start the program with you. I would have felt reassured if you could give me more info about the companies, not the specific company names but something like: we work with companies such as luxury companies which are present in different countries etc etc etc. To sum up, it would be great if you could give more info about the companies with which you work at the first step of the process. Lees verder >

Zgagulula in Los Angeles

I am happy with the placement service provided by Stage-USA.

Score 5/5

Traineeship Zgagulula

April 24th, 2018 I am glad I was able to find you and work with you. I am still getting settled in the new environment, both at the traineeship and in Los Angeles. But for the most part, I made it here, and could not have made it at all if it was not for the support given by you guys. Most delays came from my end with payments. But Stage-USA maintained to be very professional and patient even during those moments. Andries, thank you, it felt like talking to my mentor every time we discussed the process, you were very supportive. I should also thank Claudia for her patience. The process is laid out on your website and it was executed exactly that way. Because of that, I am satisfied.  Lees verder >

Lidewij in Miami

I feel really positive about the service Stage-USA provided me with.

Score 4/5

Short Training Lidewij

April 24th, 2018 Although I prefer to have the contact in real life, the communication through digital ways also worked well for me. There was always a possibility to communicate about my questions and concerns and the responses were always very quick. It was nice to have a contact person that helped me to arrange my visa from the beginning till the end so that I could start my internship in peace. The only thing I would have preferred would have been meeting the employees in real life, but I understand that that's hard to achieve nowadays.  Lees verder >

Vanessa in New Jersey

The visa process was perfect and I am grateful for the support I got from Stage USA.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Vanessa

April 23rd, 2018 My internship went amazing. I had a fantastic supervisor who guided me through this whole year. I learned a lot during my stay here. The only thing I would like to bring up is that I was looking for an internship for several months until I managed to find my own company. I wish there would have been more companies available through Stage USA. However, the visa process itself was perfect and I am grateful for the support I got from Stage USA. Lees verder >

Tamara in New York

All in all, I feel pretty content about the position. I am very happy with the mailing service I had with Stage-USA.

Score 4/5

Internship Tamara

April 18th, 2018 All in all, I feel pretty content with it. I do feel like the internship Stage-USA found for me could have been a bit more in my field (journalism), as my current internship mainly focuses on marketing. But all in all, it's fine. I am very happy though about the mailing service that I had with Stage-USA. I always got a very quick and accurate response to my e-mails. I think that Stage-USA can maybe branch out a bit more so that they can offer internships in more fields. Lees verder >

Anita in New York

The service was excellent - from start to finish.

Score 5/5

Internship Anita

April 17th, 2018 I liked the fast and well-explained replies to questions or concerns. I really had the feeling that it was as important to Stage-USA as it was to me to find the perfect internship. During the whole process, I knew that everything is under control and that I can always reach out to someone. After my first internship week I know that's exactly the internship I wanted. Lees verder >

Cindy V in New York

Very good service. 

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Cindy V

April 16th, 2018 Very good - Stage-USA is always available to help me out at any point! Lees verder >

Miriam in New York

I am having the time of my life!

Score 5/5

Internship Miriam

April 13th, 2018 I love the company and my colleagues are super nice. I am having the time of my life! You guys have been very helpful and made my dream come true. I really appreciate everything you have done! Lees verder >

Davey in Washington DC

It's excellent.

Score 5/5

Internship Davey

April 5th, 2018 It's excellent, they are always willing to help you with everything you need. I have no remarks on the service! Lees verder >

Bram in Santa Monica

Great service.

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Bram

March 22nd, 2018 I have no remarks, great service. You keep track of the process throughout the program and are always there to help/answer questions. Lees verder >

Aili in Washington DC

The service was perfect.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Aili

March 16th, 2018 I was amazed by the speed of the process. Claudia was very kind and helpful. I want to thank you once again for everything you've done for me. Lees verder >

Mathias in Miami

Very quick and customized service!

Score 5/5

Internship Mathias

March 5th, 2018 Very quick and customized service! Cannot think of anything to improve. Lees verder >

Rowan in New York

Excellent service. Stage-USA was always there to support, help and comfort me with their amazing service!

Score 5/5

Internship Rowan

March 2nd, 2018 I could not have done this without them! Keep up the amazing work guys, and thank you for making me live my dream in New York City. Lees verder >

Martijn in New York

The service was excellent!

Score 5/5

Internship Martijn

February 23rd, 2018 Stage-USA had a quick response time, the service was excellent and all the questions I had during the process were answered. Lees verder >

Sem in New York City

I think the service was very good.

Score 4/5

Internship Sem

February 21st, 2018 I always got a quick response to my questions and I didn't have any problems with applying for the internship. I will definitely recommend them to others. I can't think of anything to improve at the moment. Lees verder >

Dominic in New York

The service I have enjoyed during my placement was good.

Score 4/5

Internship Dominic

February 15th, 2018 If something was not clear, there was always a contact person who could answer my questions. Although I think I would have liked to see an overview of companies so that I could have chosen which company I would like an interview with. For example, out of 3 companies, I would have prioritized from 1 to 3, depending on my interest. Lees verder >

Femke in New York

The service is very good.

Score 4/5

Internship Femke

February 15th, 2018 The people from Stage-USA are very friendly. If there was anything I didn't understand, I could ask and they responded within 1 day. Besides that, I think that they could provide a more representative view of what the internship looks like. Lees verder >

Megan in New York

It was a really good service. 

Score 5/5

Internship Megan

February 9th, 2018 They found the internship I wanted and they found it very quickly. After I got my internship, they explained everything very well. Although I would've liked to get a little bit more information about the internship, or at least the opportunity to communicate with my internship company before actually getting there. For example, I did not know about the dress code, so I wore the wrong clothes on the first day. Lees verder >

Ester in New York

It was a great process. Stage-USA always helped me in a very short amount of time.

Score 5/5

Internship Ester

February 6h, 2018 They were friendly, helpful, provided great information, a great host company, as well as a great sleeping location. Thank you very much for it! No complaints whatsoever. Lees verder >

Johnny in San Diego

My internship went excellent.

Score 5/5

Internship Johnny P

February 2nd, 2018 At first, I obviously had to adjust to the company and American business culture, but after that, I never had any major problems. My mentor seems very satisfied with my overall work and progress I made during my internship, which is backed up by my final evaluation. My company is a great firm to run your internship with if you are willing to make it happen. The company expects their interns to be pro-active. They have a lot of different projects interns can work on. However, Nobody will hand them out, interns will have to come up to people and ask. Which for me is perfect, but I can see how others would struggle with this. There was nothing that could be improved in my opinion. Then again, I never really needed Stage-USA during my internship because it went very smoothly.  Lees verder >

Ruben in New York

I have had a great experience with my host company.

Score 4/5

Internship Ruben K

January 31st, 2018 I have developed new skills, theory and tools, especially my excel skills have been further developed. I feel these tools will further benefit my career, especially if I stick to business development. The entire office staff dedicated themselves to make the intern feel at home. I felt very welcome and a valuable addition to the organization.The companies supervisors want to create a proactive atmosphere. This means that the intern needs to come to to the supervisor with questions or issues, rather than supervisors coming to the interns. The supervisors are executives of the company and therefore have a lot of responsibilities with limited time. I am very pleased with the service Stage-USA has provided. The only downside that I experienced was related to housing at the start of the internship. I have been a little unlucky with my roommates at my apartment in New York. We barely had any social interaction, due to our differing interests.  Lees verder >

Tim in New York

Stage-USA has given me a great opportunity and they have provided great assistance along the way.

Score 4/5

Internship Tim

January 26th, 2018 I think it went really great! I got to meet some really nice people and develop my skills very well. I also got the chance to explore one of the best cities in the world and see some amazing places. My host company was a very special one with great ambitions - people were very friendly and they valued personality a lot, in order to find staff that fits right in, instead of overanalyzing resumes. Lees verder >

Ernest in New York

I learned a lot of new things which I wanted to learn.

Score 5/5

Internship Ernest

January 23rd, 2018 It was a nice and comfortable internship. Definitely learned a lot of new things which I wanted to learn. Lees verder >

Bianca in Hallandale Beach, Florida

Stage USA does an amazing job! 

Score 5/5

Internship Bianca

January 23rd, 2018 Stage-USA did an amazing job throughout the whole process. Consistent support, quick and clear responses to my questions, and last but not least introduced me to a company which absolutely fit my needs. I am very grateful and impressed by Stage-USA's work. I always felt very taken care of and also the whole team was very competent, kind and helpful. I wish I could've met them in person to thank them personally (and also conversations in person would've been nicer). Fortunately, we live in a digitalized world and I had the chance to meet them online. :-) Lees verder >

Andrea in Los Angeles

I am really happy with my internship so far and with the placement service in general.

Score 5/5

Internship Andrea

January 17th, 2018 Even though today is just my 6th work day, I already feel very comfortable at work and my colleagues are very nice and here you're definitely not treated as "only" an intern or trainee. Lees verder >

Veronica in Los Angeles

I am immensely satisfied with the way my internship went; it has even exceeded my expectations.I feel that Stage-USA has been very supportive and helpful in preparation for and throughout the duration of the program.

Score 5/5

Internship Veronica

December 22nd, 2017 I feel that I have acquired a strong, solid basis to build my career upon. I have gained new skills, discovered new capabilities within myself and advanced my existing abilities to a new level. The experience and the connections that the host company has given me will greatly benefit my professional development.My host company has provided me with an incredible environment for personal and professional growth. I got a chance to work with an amazing team of people and was presented with various learning opportunities. I could not ask for a better place to start my international career.  Lees verder >

Joanna in New York

Everything is great.

Score 5/5

Internship Joanna

December 11th, 2017 The Internship that Stage-USA has found is exactly the placement I have dreamt of. Lees verder >

Emilie in New York

The service was great.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Emilie

November 28th, 2017 Quick response to emails and extended information on how to apply the process.  Lees verder >

Anna-Maria in New York

It was a great experience.

Score 5/5

Short Training Anna-Maria

November 28th, 2017 First, the internship was hard for me but I learned fast and became really good. It was a great experience and my supervisor and I will stay in contact. Stage-USA did a great job. You can always contact someone and they will help you. The only thing I had a problem with was being in contact with my supervisor, so maybe you can provide a better connection between intern and supervisor. Lees verder >

Emily in Los Angeles

Wonderful experience.

Score 4/5

Internship Emily

October 11th, 2017 I learned an incredible amount not just from the company I worked for and the branche I am interested in, but also from living abroad in this capacity during a very interesting time in my life. Lees verder >

Marcus in New York

My internship in New York City
is amazing!!

Score 5/5

Internship Marcus

September 13th, 2017 I think my internship is great. I was guided through the many steps I had to take in order to do my internship in New York City. All the people from StageUSA, the sponsor and so on were extremely helpful and friendly. My internship in New York City is amazing, thank you so much for all the help. It would be great if someone could tell me a little bit more about social security and taxes. Lees verder >

Johnny in San Diego

The service was very good. I can't complain at all!

Score 4/5

Internship Johnny

September 22nd, 2017 Through a first Skype interview they immediately get all the information they need so they can start looking for you straight away. That being said, there are a couple of forms you will need to fill out. The sooner you do this, the smoother the process goes. I was lucky that the first company immediately worked out. I say lucky, but Stage-USA obviously played a big role in it, finding a perfectly fitting internship. Regarding the question of what could be improved, there is nothing I can think of right now. I applied pretty late, and I still got a dream internship. So I can't complain at all! Lees verder >

Tim in New York

Stage-USA has provided a wonderful service and helped me find the perfect internship. 

Score 4/5

Internship Tim

September 22nd, 2017 They are very friendly and helpful. If there is anything you need, you can just ask and they’ll be happy to help you out. Stage-USA helps out with pretty much everything, except for housing. They do give you a housing guide, but this aspect could be improved. Lees verder >

Ruben in New York City

I feel happy about my placement service provided by Stage-USA.

Score 4/5

Internship Ruben

September 21st, 2017 I have had several questions regarding the internship and they were answered very quickly by the people responsible. Getting the US visa was very simple due to the simple instructions that were inside the package I received Visa forms. From the beginning, I have been told the housing was an element that the applicant had to sort himself. However, I feel Stage-USA can add value to their services by spending resources in this area, possibly by giving the applicant a few options to choose from as to provide a small extra service to the applicant. Lees verder >

Esmee in New York

A big thanks to Stage-USA!

Score 4/5

Internship Esmee

September 13th, 2017 Big thanks to Claudia! She really has been helping me greatly throughout the whole process, she was available whenever I needed some answers or help and always answered really quickly. She always followed me up on things I still needed to do and always provided me with a clear overview of the process. Andries was always available, really, 24/7 for any urgent matters.  Lees verder >

Simone in New York

The Service Stage-USA provided was really good.

Score 4/5

J1-Visa Simone

September 5, 2017 The Service Stage-USA and specifically Claudia provided was really good. I trusted them to help me with my visa and I always had the feeling I could ask everything. In the time between delivering all the documents and getting to hear that the sponsor was going to give the DS form. I would have liked to get an update on how long it was going to take. Lees verder >

Mabel B in Decatur

I think the service from Stage-USA is really good!

Score 5/5

AuPair Mabel

September 4, 2017 I think the process and the service from Stage-USA are really good. They kept me posted and stayed in touch. If I had any questions, they always gave me the right answers. The process can be long but, it is really worth all the time which was given! I don't think I have anything that could be improved on because Stage-USA did a great job! Lees verder >

Sabine D in New York

My internship program has been an enriching experience.

Score 5/5

Internship Sabine

August 21, 2017 My internship program has been an enriching experience, to say the least. It has been a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to work with so many clients, learning the different natures of their businesses, and finding the best way possible to provide our financial management services. I achieved my goal from the beginning, which was to maximize this experience by learning and working amongst my peers. I have also gained such valuable insight into this industry and the clients that we offer our services to. Overall, I would say that I was able to perform consistently to the best of my abilities whilst setting the bar higher each time. The internship program for me exceeded my expectations. My mentors in the firm have guided me throughout the internship, watching me grow with the company through the work that I do. We have such a conducive environment for working here. My supervisor saw the potential in my capabilities and from the beginning of this internship never set a limit to what I could accomplish. That is what is vital in a mentor, that he sees untapped potential and molds you to become better at what you do, in all that you do. I am commending the service Stage USA has provided. I had no problems all-throughout my internship. Great work! Lees verder >

Thomas H in Fort Valley, Virginia

Everything was brilliant! 

Score 5/5

Internship Thomas

August 17, 2017 Everything was brilliant! All the staff are very nice and welcoming. The area is beautiful here and the horses that I am working with are a pleasure to be around. I am already learning a lot and looking forward to the year ahead. The service provided by Stage-USA was excellent. I don’t think that there is anything that could be improved about the service. I struggled to get a few of the documents required, which resulted in my start date being moved, of which the staff were very helpful. Lees verder >

Cindy V in New York

My internship is the best experience I have ever had.

Score 5/5

J1 Visa Cindy

August 15, 2017 My internship is the best experience I have ever had. I learned so much during the program and I had an amazing time in New York City. It is a great experience to do an internship in a foreign country. My company was an amazing company, with amazing people. They give you the opportunity to learn a lot. From Customer Service and Marketing to Human Resource Management.  I don't have any improvements for Stage-USA to make. Lees verder >

Jordy V in New York

I really enjoyed my time there.

Score 5/5

Internship Jordy

August 3, 2017 My internship went well! I have gained a lot of insights in the professionalism and culture of New York. My supervisor showed himself to be a great teacher from whom I have learned a lot. The company is currently transitioning from a startup-like company to a more corporate one. This is fun and noticeable in the way policies are changing at a high pace. So, I recommend being flexible in regards to this. All in all, the company is a great company that really values the work and input from their interns. I really enjoyed my time there. I can't think of any improvements for Stage-USA to make. Lees verder >

Franziska H in Middleburg, VA

Really friendly people and a great service at Stage-USA.

Score 5/5

AuPair Franziska

August 1, 2017How do you feel about the application process and the placement service provided to you by Stage-USA?They always answered any questions I had and explained things very understandable. They let me be part of every step and let me know what's going to happen. So I am very satisfied with that.  Is there anything you think could be improved about the service?I couldn't think of anything. Really friendly people and a great service at Stage-USA. Lees verder >

Vanessa G in New Jersey

The process, as well as the service provided, was perfect.

Score 5/5

J1-Visa Vanessa G

July 28, 2017 I felt very supported by the Stage USA Team and the process, as well as the service provided, was perfect. Thank you all again for your help and effort. The only thing I might want to say is that it took me quite a while to find an internship until I found my own one. Maybe it would be great if you could try to generate even more companies in my field, but other than that I was very pleased with Stage USA. Lees verder >

Nikky in Honolulu

These are some of the best pictures of my time here in Hawaii!

Score 5/5

J1 Visa Nikky

July 11, 2017 Even though Hawaii is officially a part of the USA, it sure does feel like its very own country! I am trying to get the most out of my internship and then go and explore Hawaii on the days off. My experiences are almost indescribable, I was lucky enough to swim with wild sea turtles, learn how to surf, see the most beautiful beaches, and find the most amazing waterfalls in the green mountains and jungle. Hawaii's culture is just as amazing as its nature and the people are super friendly. I am still learning, exploring and making new friends every day!You can see in the photos, Stairway to Heaven, Lantern Floating Festival on Memorial Day, Lanikai Pillbox Hike, KoKo Head Hike, and Sacred Falls.   Lees verder >

Barbara in Boca Raton

I was very happy with the service!

Score 5/5

Internship Barbara

July 11, 2017 I had an outstanding time. In the case of the company I was working, I learned a lot and was able to learn a lot and also transfer my own idea into the company strategies. It was a great environment, a fantastic team, a place where you can learn a lot. I was very happy with the service from Stage-USA and the way I have been looked after. Lees verder >

Mark in Los Angeles

Great support throughout the whole process!

Score 4/5

J1 Visa Mark

July 11, 2017 My program went very well, great support throughout the whole process, which made everything clear and my stay a whole lot better! For an idea of improvement, there could be a progress bar somewhere online where students could track their visa process. This could bring a huge peace of mind. Lees verder >

Romay in New York

I have an amazing internshipI have an amazing internship!

Score 4/5

Internship Romay

June 22, 2017 I am very pleased with the service from Stage-USA. I have an amazing internship in Financial District at a company that is perfect for me. I had contact with the j1 visa coordinator during everything and she has been a big help. I could always ask her anything and she would always respond within a day. The only improvement suggestion I have it that the costs were a little confusing and it was not very clear to me for what I was paying, when,  so maybe you could give a bit more information about that? Lees verder >

Hans in New York

I am very satisfied with Stage-USA

Score 5/5

Internship Hans

May 15, 2017 Very satisfied. Stage-USA offered me an internship in NYC with a great and fun team to work with. They took care of my papers afterward and got me to the USA in the fastest possible way. I am very glad I ended up here and got to work with this company they found for me. Great service and if I ever need to find a new internship here I would use them again. During the search for an internship company, I sometimes felt like I could have been updated a little more often after sending an email about how things are looking. I once decided to call them to get an answer immediately. It would be good for an email even if it is to say that there is no update yet. That what I would advise. But, please keep in mind that this is a minor thing. Lees verder >

Johannes in Mountain View - California

Everyone in the company was very nice!

Score 4/5

J1-Visa Johannes

May 4, 2017 It went very well. Once the VISA process was finished, everything went smoothly. The visa process took a little longer than expected, this could be communicated better. But, It was a great experience. Everyone in the company was very nice and helped when needed. Lees verder >

Patrina in California

The services provided to me were great!

Score 5/5

Internship Patrina

May 7, 2017 The services provided to me were great. Sage USA, helped to land a great traineeship here in the US and it has been going great so far. They take the time to get an internship/traineeship can be a little slow, which is expected but, outside of that, I had no issues with the agency so far. Great company. Lees verder >

Carlos in New York

The service is really excellent.

Score 5/5

Internship Carlos

February 28, 2017 The service is really excellent. Emails are answered very quickly and the process overall is explained in a very simple matter. The placement process took more than expected but this was mainly my fault as I was being persistent in getting the best possible placement. I thank Rebecca andAndries for their patience and assistance they gave me.Maybe during the visa process, you can change sponsor as took more time than I expected Lees verder >

Marleen in Boca Raton

Het was een geweldige ervaring! Het heeft echt al mijn verwachtingen overtroffen!

Score 5/5

Internship Marleen

Januari 26, 2017 Het was een geweldige ervaring! Het heeft echt al mijn verwachtingen overtroffen, zeker een van de mooiste ervaringen van mijn leven. Ik voelde me zo welkom bij mijn stagebedrijf, ik was gelijk onderdeel van het team. Ze doen er echt alles aan om je op je gemak te laten voelen en je te ondersteunen.De service vanuit Stage-USA is perfect, alles wordt duidelijk uitgelegd en de support is fantastisch. Daardoor voel het alsof je altijd een steuntje in de rug hebt, ook in minder leuke situaties.Mijn enige feedback betreft het CV. Ik moest een template invullen voor mijn CV, welke opgestuurd werd naar Amerikaanse bedrijven. Hierbij moest ik ook een foto en geboortedatum toevoegen. De supervisor van mijn stagebedrijf gaf echter aan dat dit ongebruikelijk is in de Verenigde Staten. Daarom zou mijn enige tip zijn om hier nog eens naar te kijken. Lees verder >

Veronica in Los Angeles

The service provided by Stage-USA was excellent. 

Score 5/5

Internship Veronica

January 25, 2017 The placement process went smoothly and the service provided by Stage-USA was excellent. The communication was fast and easy, I was provided with all the necessary information and help throughout the whole time. The application and placement process was pretty quick to find a suitable internship program, it was even faster than I had expected. The program is exactly what I've requested, I'm happy to be working at the tour operator company in Los Angeles. I think the quality of service is really great, can't think of anything that would require improvement. Lees verder >

Hilda in New York

Stage-USA has shown me such a level of professionalism that most companies don't manage to achieve in their lifetime.

Score 5/5

Internship Hilda

December 30, 2016 I believe I could not have found a better place to do my internship. The environment at the company was challenging, interesting and I feel that I have truly grown professionally and also as a person during this period.  I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to work with some of the most special and kind people that I have met in my life. Always ready to help and mentor, they made the time spent here to be one of the best of my life. I can truly call them now as my New York family.  Stage-USA has shown me such a level of professionalism and trust that most companies don't manage to achieve in their lifetime. I am truly glad that I have found this agency and that I had the chance to work with such amazing people. I am completely grateful! Lees verder >

Weronika in Orlando

I have had an absolutely amazing time!

Score 5/5

Internship Weronika

December 30, 2016 I have had an absolutely amazing time, I didn't have any troubles adjusting to a culture of the country I lived in, nor to the company I worked for. I was lucky to get to know really nice people that I could share American experience with and have unforgettable adventures! Most importantly, working for my host company gave me very good insights into tourism industry and without any doubts I can tell that it was a productive and great quality internship.  My host company treats its interns very well, as I had an impression that they are put equally to full-time employees. Hence, I was given very responsible tasks that posed a chance to develop myself considerably and this way I learnt a lot. With Stage-USA everything works great! Possibly there could be more help arranged in regards to finding accommodation to support the intern in their search to avoid anything problematic. Lees verder >

Shanice in New York

My internship went really well.  My host company everything went perfect.

Score 4/5

Internship Shanice

October 31, 2016: My internship went really well. I enjoyed my time at this company and I learned a lot. The company gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about accounting but I also did some audit reporting. I have really nice coworkers and we also met after work.  At my host company, everything went perfectly. I only had an internship for 10 weeks, so it was pretty short. They still gave me the chance to meet with different clients and I worked with 3 different accounting systems. For improvements, I think the process for the visa could be shorter. It took 3 months to get my visa and that was more than I expected. Lees verder >

Nathan in Miami

The placement process with Stage-USA was very clear to me I am happy about that.

Score 3/5

Internship Nathan

October 18, 2016: The placement process with Stage-USA until the interview was very clear to me and I am happy about that and I am doing well at my company. After being placed at a company I feel that it would be a good improvement for Stage-USA  to give a little more information about the visa steps and send extra updates about the visa to the student while they are waiting for it to be approved. Lees verder >

Cecily in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

The moment I started with  Stage-USA they were absolutely excellent!

Score 5/5

Au Pair Cecily

October 17, 2016: I already had my host family lined up but from the moment Stage-USA were involved they were absolutely excellent. My liaison in the Netherlands was extremely helpful, very friendly and understanding and very effective and efficient. 5*s The screening process can be overwhelming and a clearer overview would have been preferred. Lees verder >

Samira in San Anselmo - California

I think Stage-USA's service is great!

Score 5/5

Internship Samira

October 10, 2016: I am very satisfied with the placement service and the help that was provided to me by Stage-USA. I am enjoying my internship, in San Anselmo, California very much! I think that Stage-USA's service is great! Lees verder >

Barbara in Boca Raton, Florida.

I`m very happy about choosing STAGE-USA.

Score 4/5

Internship Barbara

October 06, 2016: The support of Rebecca Grove and Andries Bonneur was great. I got answers for any question straight away.  I would like to  say a big thank you to both of them.  I`m very happy about choosing STAGE-USA. In between the waiting time for the process and the confirmation from the visa agency, it would good improvement for the future to add extra updates for the students. Lees verder >

Sabrina K in Orlando

Great service and support!

Score 5/5

Internship Sabrina K

September 19, 2016 I’m very satisfied with the support of Stage-USA. If there were any questions, e-mails were answered almost every time on the same day or even within just a few minutes/hours. There’s also the possibility to get in contact with Stage-USA via Skype, which makes it super easy to get all the answers you need. Great service and support!! Lees verder >

Arne in Washington DC

 ik heb meer geleerd dan ik ooit had kunnen verwachten

Score 5/5

Traineeship Arne

September 13. 2016: Ik ben heel erg tevreden met mijn traineeship. In de afgelopen 6 maanden heb ik meer geleerd dan ik ooit van te voren had kunnen bedenken. Het bedrijf heeft als ervaring veel waarde aan mij toegevoegd en ik aan het bedrijf, het was een echte win-win situatie. Het is een geweldige ervaring om te werken in een snel groeiend bedrijf! Niet heb ik alleen zakelijke vaardigheden ontwikkeld, maar ook persoonlijke inzichten. Het bedrijf waar ik mijn training volgde was super met geweldige mensen. Zelfs als een trainee had ik het volle respect van alle medewerkers. Mijn ideeën en initiatieven werden serieus genomen en soms zelfs op dezelfde dag geïmplementeerd.  De mate van verantwoordelijkheid en vrijheid die ik kreeg waren ongelofelijk en stelde mij in staat op mijn top te presteren. Iedereen binnen het bedrijf is erg aardig en professioneel. Lees verder >

Chahira in New York

Stage-USA was really helpful. The placement they provided me with is amazing!

Score 4/5

Event Management Placement

September 7, 2016 Stage-USA made sure I understood everything, they kept me updated with every detail and they were really fast at finding me a place. Their replies to my emails were very fast and clear. The service was great! The placement they have provided me with is amazing! The people here are super friendly and very professional. I don’t think anything needs improving about the service. Maybe just a little clearer, for some details about health care. But after I requested help it was much clearer. Lees verder >

Floris in San Diego

I had an experience, which cannot be matched.

Score 5/5

Internship Floris

September 02, 2016 My internship went very well. Next to the challenging work itself I feel that experiencing the USA has been very beneficial to me. Before and during my stay in the United States I have had great help from Stage-USA. All help and instructions were provided in a clear manner. I would have liked to receive a little more information about the payments for my visa, but my questions were always answered. I am very satisfied by my host company. They offered me an experience, which cannot be matched. They were supportive during all stages of my internship and provided me with helpful knowledge and insights for the future.  Lees verder >

Marianne in Miami

In my opinion everything was perfect.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Marianne

August 22, 2016: How satisfied are you with the level of support you have received from our visa service?I am very satisfied with the level of support I have received. Is there anything about the overall service and support provided by StageUSA that could be improved?In my opinion everything was perfect. Lees verder >

Sarah in Miami

Stage-USA has been a great help, thank you!

Score 4/5

J-1 Visa Sarah

July 29, 2016: The internship is great! I’ve been learning a lot in a short period, I’m really happy about everything. The training is going as planned and as stated in my training plan.  Lees verder >

Marwa in New York

I was very satisfied with Stage-USA because I could always call/email them about everything, and they all offered me excellent help every time I needed it.

Score 5/5

Marketing Internship Marwa

July 28, 2016: My internship was really great. It was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. I loved the people I worked with in New York. Everything was Amazing.  Lees verder >

Celine in New York

I think the service was extremely quick and pleasant, quick and accurate.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Celine

July 26, 2016 I was very satisfied with the level of support I received from the visa service. I always got a quick response to my questions and emails and the team was extremely patient and helpful.  I don’t think there is anything that should be improved. Lees verder >

Esther in New York

My internship is living up to what I thought it would be and it has even exceeded my expectations at times.

Score 4/5

Management Internship Esther

July 25, 2016 My internship in management is going really well, just as I expected.The tasks that are stated in my training plan are being properly followed. What I would like improve in my internship is to be more involved in cultural activities. If this happens it will be very appreciated. Lees verder >

Marleen in Boca Raton

Stage-USA is doing a great job with their service, and they are a great support on getting an internship in the USA with all the formalities. Thank you so much!

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Marleen

June 29, 2016: I am very satisfied with the support of Stage-USA's visa service. Every question I had was answered in a very clear way - I never ended up having questions left.  Lees verder >

Naomi in San Diego

The process and the team were amazing, Thank you Stage-USA !

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Naomi

June 24, 2016: I have really received an excellent support on the visa service. I would also really like to thank Rebecca Grove for her excellent support over the whole process. She has really done a fantastic job, in a practical sense, but also with the patience she has shown as to all questions I had. She was truly a great support.  Lees verder >

Myrthe in New York

From the moment I arrived in New York, I have enjoyed every single minute and I would recommend this experience to everyone! 

Score 5/5

Internship in New York

05-13-2016: My name is Myrthe and I am interning in a real estate office in New York. When I was younger, the ‘Devil wears Prada’ was one of my favorite movies and I always dreamed of going to New York and being able to work in such a big city. Doing an internship abroad was my first opportunity to go and live my dream. Talking to other people who did an internship abroad and hearing about their experiences made me want to go, too.     Lees verder >

Alexia in Miami

De service van Stage-USA was vriendelijk, professioneel en efficient!

Score 5/5

Operations stage in Florida

03-03-2016. Mijn stage gaat goed tot dusver- het geeft me de mogelijkheid om deel te nemen aan verschillende taken in het operations department, terwijl ik ook de verantwoordelijkheden krijg en een stukje leiding mag geven. Ik vind zuid Florida geweldig om haar diversiteit, de mensen, de talen, de cultuur... A Must go! Lees verder >

Nishant in New York City

Werken in The New York Public Library en The Hamptons, voor klanten als Armani, Versace en Ferragamo... Hier had ik enkel van kunnen dromen! Ik kan Stage-USA zeker met 5 sterren beoordelen!

Score 5/5

Marketing/Sales stage bij een evenementenbureau in NYC

24-02-2016:Mijn stage in NYC was echt boven verwachting. Als een marketing/sales stagiaire bij een evenementen bureau was ik niet enkel werkzaam op kantoor, maar had ik ook het geluk dat ik met de grootste namen en locaties in NYC mocht werken. De New York Public Library, Lincoln Center and the Hamptons waren locaties waar we onder andere werkzaam waren. Klanten als Armani, Versace en Ferragamo... Hier had ik enkel van kunnen dromen. Het wordt wel van je verwacht dat je hard werkt in Amerika, maar succes wordt dan ook beloond. Het was een geweldige ervaring en mijn collega's kan ik nu zelfs goede vrienden noemen. Wat vond je het leukste aan New York City?Ik was onmiddelijk fan van NYC. Het leukste vond ik dat je, omdat je lang in de stad doorbrengt, New York echt ervaart als local. En er is altijd wat te doen in de stad, it never sleeps, en die uitdrukking klopt helemaal. Het nachtleven, restaurantjes, central park, toeristische attracties, straat artiesten, maar ook de prachtige Skyline zijn nergens zo mooi en leuk als in New York. En laten we de holidays als Haloween, Thanksgiving, Kerst en New Year's Eve niet vergeten! Hier kan je de skyline van New York zien. Top of the Rock, The Empire State en het World Trade Observatory geven je de kans om van dit uitzicht te genieten. Lees verder >

Anouk in New York

Verder waren ze altijd in staat mijn vragen te beantwoorden en mij bij te staan in het visa proces. Ik raad Stage-USA bij al mijn vrienden aan welke mogelijk op zoek zijn naar een stage of traineeship in de Verenigde Staten.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Anouk

11-02-2016 Ik ben erg tevreden met de service die Stage-USA me geboden heeft. Ze reageerden altijd snel en waren makkelijk te bereiken. Ik had waarschijnlijk niet zo snel naar de Verenigde States gekund zonder de hulp van Stage-USA. Lees verder >

Kristy in San Diego

Ik voel me goed en de stage gaat heel goed!

Score 4/5

Business Administration & Marketing stage in San Diego

25 november 2013 - Mijn stage gaat erg goed en ik voel me ook erg goed! Ik vol de taken als beschreven in het training plan en ik vind de taken die ik moet uitvoeren ook erg leuk. De stage is leuker dan ik had verwacht! Ik had hoge verwachtingen, maar de stage blijkt zelfs beter te zijn. Lees verder >

Claudine in USA

Hier bij Stage-USA was alles duidelijk uitgelegd, stap voor stap.

Score 5/5

J-1 visum via Stage-USA

Aanvankelijk had ik geprobeerd om mijn visum bij een ander visumbedrijf te regelen – zij weigerden mij te helpen en de communicatie was erg slecht – ik wist niet wat er aan de hand was en waar ik op moest wachten. Hier bij Stage-USA was alles duidelijk uitgelegd, stap voor stap. En, wanneer ik moest wachten op documenten of als ik een paar dagen niets hoorde, kreeg ik een e-mail zoals: Hi Claudine, we zijn op dit moment aan het wachten op de handtekeningen van de host company. Dit alles was zeer hulpzaam en duidelijk, ik was precies op de hoogte van de gang van zaken. Ik zou dus zeker Stage-USA aanraden om je J-1 visum te regelen. Lees verder >

Domino in Darlington, Pennsylvania

Ik ben tevreden met de service van Stage-USA en dankbaar dat ze me goed opweg hebben geholpen.

Score 4/5

Commerciele economie stage + J-1 visum

Ik ben tevreden met alle support die ik heb gekregen van Stage-USA. Ik denk dat het erg belangrijk is dat je veel in contact bent met de intern/trainee als hij of zij afkomstig is uit een ander land, om er zeker van te zijn dat het hele visumproces goed verloopt. Ik heb goede ervaringen opgedaan tijdens mijn stage. Ik heb mijn competenties ontwikkeld en veel geleerd over het bedrijf. Ik ben blij dat ik de kans heb gekregen om het business leven op zo’n jonge leeftijd te hebben mogen ervaren, dit heeft me goed voorbereid op de toekomst. Lees verder >

Inga-Lena in NYC in New York City

Super ervaring: ik heb veel geleerd en veel leuke nieuwe mensen kenenn.

Score 4/5

Mode en Design stage

Ik ben erg tevreden met de stage die ik heb gedaan. Het team was erg aardig en altijd bereid om mijn vragen te beantwoorden. Ik mocht ook meelopen met heel veel projecten wat erg cool was. Lees verder >

Justin in Florida

Ik ben erg blij met mijn stage. Ik ben gevestigd in een stad die niet heel bekend is, dus het was moeilijk om in te schatten wat ik kon verwachten. Maar ik ben heel blij dat ik ben gegaan!

Score 4/5

Onderzoeksstage sport

Ik ben heel blij dat ik deze kans heb gepakt, en ik vind dat ik veel heb geleerd. Natuurlijk zijn er ook een paar dingen van mijn stage die ik minder leuk vind maar dat is meer door de locatie. Er is hier vrijwel geen public transport. Ik heb veel varieteit aan projecten, dit gaf me een goed inzicht in market research. Er komen ook nog een paar taken aan waar ik nog minder ervaring mee heb, zoals het managen van clients en bijwonen van events van het bedrijf. Lees verder >

Barry in California

Alles wat in mijn trainingplan stond klopte. Mijn host company volgt de precieze stappen van mijn trainingplan, wat ik erg fijn vind.

Score 4/5

Tourisme & Management

Ik ben inmiddels halverwege mijn stage en heb het goed naar mijn zin. De taken zijn interessant en ik leer veel over de toerisme industrie, elke dag. Ik ben heel blij met mijn beslissing om naar the States te gaan! Lees verder >

Tristan in Florida

Ik voel me heel zeker over het eindresultaat van mijn stage. Mijn collega's en school zijn tevreden met mijn werkzaamheden en ik heb veel geleerd. Maar ik heb ook veel geleerd over Amerika en hoe het is om in Florida te wonen.

Score 5/5

Sport management stage

Ik ben heel blij met de support die ik heb ontvangen van Stage=USA. Al het papierwerk was op tijd geregeld, en ik kreeg altijd gelijk een bericht op e-mails en vragen. Ik heb niks om over te klagen! Het enige waar ik overna denk is dat sommige taken niet op een masterstudent niveau zijn. Maar aan de andere kant, elk bedrijf heeft zulke taken. En ik vind ook, als buitenlandse student, dat je je eigen input moet geven om niet alleen maar kleine taken te krijgen. Je moet er tenslotte zelf het beste van maken! Lees verder >

Leo in Portsmouth

Een goede en uitdagende stage. Voor mij hoefde ik niet naar New York of Los Angeles, wonen en werken in W Portsmouth, NH geeft me echt de Amerikaanse lifestyle experience.

Score 5/5

Sport marketing

Ik voel me heel goed, mijn stage is een geweldige ervaring. Het team waar ik mee werk is aardig en grappig. Ik kan mijn collega's nu ook mijn vrienden noemen. Ik heb veel verantwoordelijkheden, hier was ik ook naar op zoek. Ik voel dat wat ik voor het bedrijf doe, daadwerkelijk van belang is. Ik volg ook de taken die staan beschreven in mijn trainingplan. Mijn werk wordt steeds iets lastiger en ik ontvang goede feedback van mijn supervisors, iets waar ik wel erg trots op ben. Mijn stage is echt boven verwachting. De stad is super, en ik vind het leuk om elke dag naar werk te gaan. Lees verder >

Jasemin in New York City

Mijn stage is boven verwachting! Ik werk nauwer samen met mijn supervisor dan aanvankelijk gedacht, maar heb ook nog de ruimte om fouten te maken en te leren.

Score 5/5

International Business stage in NYC

Ik vind dat mijn stage erg goed gaat. Ik werk fulltime als een sales representative voor het bedrijf. Maar ik doe ook andere dingen op kantoor, dus het is fijn om zoveel verantwoordelijkheid te hebben. Ik vind het ook leuk om tijd door te brengen met mijn collega's en supervisor. Lees verder >

Riccardo in New York City

Geweldige stage ervaring bij een Italiaanse touroperator, hartje NYC! Deze stage gaf me de mogelijkheid om te groeien, NY te leren kennen, en om een fantastisch jaar te hebben.

Score 5/5

Business Development stage in NYC

Werken bij een touroperator als deze gaf me de kans om mijn skills verder te ontwikkelen. Ik kan enkel alle tourisme en business studenten aanbevelen om stage te lopen bij dit bedrijf. Alle werknemers zijn ontzettend aardig en altijd bereid te helpen. Ik zou graag de kans willen pakken om Stage-USA te bedanken voor deze mogelijkheid. Ik waardeer al jullie efforts en jullie snelle communicatie. Het enige punt waar ik meer hulp bij zou willen hebben gehad is het invullen van het ds2019 formulier. Maar uiteindelijk heb ik wel gewoon het visum ontvangen, en daar gaat het om. Lees verder >

Gijs in San Diego

Ik heb ontzettend veel plezier maar leer ook erg veel. Veel van mijn collega's hebben ontzettend veel kennis en ik leer veel van ze. De taken die ik aangeboden krijg zijn leuk en het voelt of ik echt iets bijdraag aan het bedrijf.

Score 4/5

Sport Management in San Diego

Het gaat zoals verwacht, zelfs beter dan verwacht. Iedereen op kantoor is heel aardig en behulpzaam en ik leer veel over sport management, marketing, sponsoring etc. Ik voel me goed, en ook onderdeel van het team. San Diego is een prachtige stad om te zijn en ik ben ook erg blij met mijn huisvesting! Lees verder >

Steffanie in Boca Raton

De stage is niet volgens verwachting. Het is zelfs BOVEN verwachting!

Score 5/5

Business stage in Boca Raton

De werksfeer is perfect: er is tijd om hard te werken, maar ook gezelligheid. De mensen hier zijn oprecht geïnteresseerd en heel aardig. Ik vind dat mijn stage goed gaat tot nu toe. De eerste weken moest ik wennen aan het weer, de taal, cultuur en de nieuwe werkplek. Daarna vond ik snel mijn weg in het bedrijf. Ik heb veel geleerd over marketing en sales en mijn collega's staan altijd voor me klaar om mijn vragen te beantwoorden, of het nu een persoonlijke of werkgerelateerde vraag is. Ze geven me ook de kans om het land te ontdekken en de cultuur te leren kennen. Afgelopen week ben ik zelfs meegegaan naar prom met een van de studenten hier! Ik ben nu aan mijn laatste project aan het werken en ik kan niet geloven hoe snel de tijd is gegaan. Lees verder >

Ivo in San Diego

Er is niks wat ik zou kunnen bedenken om mijn stage te verbeteren!

Score 5/5

Sport stage in San Diego

Mijn stage gaat heel goed tot nu toe. In het begin was ik meer bezig met kleinere taken, maar sinds een paar weken ben ik bezig met grotere projecten. Ik leer heel veel als ik aan deze projecten werk. Daarnaast zijn mijn collega's ontzettend aardig en behulpzaam. Dus over het algemeen heb ik een super tijd hier en leer ik heel veel! Lees verder >

Gabriella in San Diego

Eigenlijk is mijn stage boven verwachting!

Score 4/5

Sport Marketing stage in San Diego

Mijn stage verloopt heel goed. Ik ben veel nieuwe skills aan het leren op het gebied van business management en sport marketing. De taken die ik dien uit te voeren binnen en buiten kantoor leren me de nodige technische skills zoals event planning en organiseren, project management en tijd management. Het enige minpuntje aan mijn stage is dat de kosten voor huisvesting in Californië hoog zijn. Lees verder >

Liza in Boca Raton

Stage-USA heeft ervoor gezorgd dat ik deze stage kon volgen. Ze waren heel behulpzaam gedurende het hele proces en hebben goed werkgeleverd met mijn plaatsing! 

Score 5/5

Business management & Marketing Internship

Ik vind dat mijn stage erg goed is verlopen. Ik heb heel veel geleerd en genoten van mijn tijd in de VS!  Lees verder >

Pascalle in New York City

Stage USA is een ontzettend grote hulp geweest met het verkrijgen van mijn J1. De begeleiding is super en ze helpen je overal mee. Ook tijdens mijn verblijf in New York is Stage USA een fantastische steun geweest. Met elke vraag die je hebt krijg je snel antwoord. Ik heb niks te klagen, alleen dat ik niet voor altijd in New York kan blijven. 

Score 5/5

Marketing stage in New York City

Mijn stage in New York is super! NYC is een geweldige stad, het is letterlijk de stad die "never sleeps". Er is geen moment dat ik niet genoten heb van mijn tijd hier. Vervelen zal je je hier niet want zowel 's nachts als overdag heeft de stad vanalles te bieden. Wonen in New York is beter dan een toeristisch bezoekje. Het is wel hartstikke druk maar je voelt zelf de druk niet omdat je genoeg tijd hebt om (bijna) alles te zien en te doen. Niet alleen doe je de toeristische activiteiten maar je beleefd de stad als een New Yorker. Ik denk dat er voor mij geen andere Amerikaanse stad was waar ik het meer naar mijn zin kon hebben als in New York.  Lees verder >

Jurgen in New York City

Ik ben erg tevreden met alle hulp en support die ik heb gekregen van Stage-USA. Ik kon altijd gerust bellen of e-mailen als ik tegen bepaalde vragen aanliep voor en tijdens mijn stage. 

Score 5/5

Business Internship in New York City

Mijn stage was alles wat ik hoopte dat het zou zijn, eigenlijk steeg het boven mijn verwachtingen uit! Het bedrijf waar ik stage liep bood me de kans om veel te leren over marktonderzoek, hoe ik dit het beste kan uitvoeren en vervolgens strategisch kan analyseren. Lees verder >

Ivo in San Diego


There is nothing that would improve my internship experience!

Score 5/5

Sports and Physical Education Internship, San Diego

My internship is going very well. In the beginning I was working on some small things. Since a couple of weeks I am working on some bigger assignments/projects. I learn a lot while I work on those projects. Besides that the people I work with are very kind, helpful and funny. So in general, I have a great time here and I learn a lot! Lees verder >

Jeroen in Philadelphia

The overall experience is fantastic and way too short!

There is nothing I would like to improve! If there was a possibility I would extend my stay.

Score 5/5

Short Training

  My Internship is going very good, I am getting all the opportunities to evolve on a personal and business level. The company is giving me loads of handles which will prove to be very useful in the future. The overall experience is fantastic and way too short! I am very pleased with all accommodations, my house, friends, colleagues and other experiences.  My internship is certainly living up to my expectations, the colleagues are more than nice and show me as much as possible on a working and personal level. I am learning loads and I am experiencing the real USA. Lees verder >

Ayla in Newport Beach

My internship went great, the company was awesome and I received excellent support: definitely 5 stars! 

Score 5/5

Sales and Marketing internship

I learned a lot about business and work, but also about the American culture and life. I love the company's work environment and their attitude towards customers. They provide excellent customer service. In addition, everyone was very friendly, respectful and helpful to me. I felt comfortable right from the beginning. Besides that, the people have great sense of humor - I think I will miss that the most. I'm very satisfied with Stage-USA. During the placement process Janine was always available. If I have to rate her, I would give her a 10 out of 10. Thanks for everything! Lees verder >

Bart in New York

Het J-1 visum process duurt erg lang en vereist geduld en veel kennis over het proces. Stage-USA heeft de perfecte support geleverd.

Score 5/5

J-1 Visa Bart

Ik kan een A+ geven voor de visumservice geleverd door Stage-USA. Ik had erg veel vragen en mijn host company in de VS reageerde niet al te snel, maar Stage-USA was altijd professioneel en hielp me indien nodig. Voor mij en de host company was het erg belangrijk om een duidelijk beeld te krijgen van het hele visumproces. J-1Visum heeft goed werk geleverd door alles duidelijk uit te leggen, stap voor stap. Zelfs met terugslagen had Stage-USA altijd een positieve instelling en kwam met oplossingen. Lees verder >

Joel in Florida

The internship itself is living up to my expectations. Mostly the hours that I don’t have to work and the weekends are a lot better than I expected. I made a lot of new friends here who are willing to show me around and help me get involved in the real American culture.

Score 5/5

Business Administration

The internship is going great. It took me a little time to adapt to the culture, weather and habits. But the company took great care of me, in and outside of the office. I am learning a lot from participating in the daily activities that are going on.  Lees verder >

Hessel in Los Angeles

I am very satisfied with how things are going so far and can't think of anything right now which could improve my internship experience.

Score 5/5

Internship in an educational Museum

5th of December 2013- I am very happy with how things are going so far. The people at my internship organization are very nice and have been very welcoming and I am happy with the tasks I get to do. I completed the mandatory training and experienced it as very educating and liked that I did not just get to sit back and listen, but also participate actively in it. As a result, I feel very comfortable in the workspace and I am convinced the remaining time at my internship will be very valuable as well.   Lees verder >

Ruben in Salina, Kansas

It is going pretty well! I found my place here quick and the people are very nice.

Score 4/5

International Business Internship/ J-1 Visa

November 7th 2013- My internship is going pretty well. I found my place here quick and the people are very nice. It helped a lot that i have already lived here before because i still know a lot of people and it is for me easier to feel comfortable in the workplace that way.  Lees verder >

Marc in New York

My internship is going well. I have learned a lot of new things and didn't face any problems.

Score 4/5

Engineering internship/ J-1 Visa Application

25th of October 2013 - I have learned how to apply my knowledge in practice. Due to the interviews with different stakeholders and residents i learned to understand the socio-economic issues related to a flood event. Furthermore i have finished a literature study and gained experience in how to use a literature study for scientific research. Lees verder >

Vincent in America

I am very satisfied with Stage-USA.

Score 4/5

Visa Experience Stage-USA

August 9th 2013 -I am very satisfied with Stage-USA. They supported me in the best way they could. I had a lot of questions concerning the documents that I needed to complete my application. All documents where ok, except for one out of the 15 documents. This because the sponsor organization in the USA was missing one official stamp on a document.  Lees verder >

Bart in Hollywood, Florida

"Ik leer erg veel en loop voor op schema!"

Score 4/5

Marketing stage

21 maart 2013 - Ik loop op dit moment stage op de Marketing afdeling van een bedrijf in Hollywood, Florida. Ik ben nu halverwege mijn stage en ben druk bezig met het uitvoeren van research voor het schrijven van een marketing plan welke ik op korte termijn hoop uit te voeren. Tijdens mijn stage heb ik ook verschillende keren bij belangrijke meetings met klanten gezeten waar ik erg veel van geleerd heb. Ook schrijf ik regelmatig inhoud voor de promotie via de social media. Lees verder >

Maurice in Los Angeles

Mijn droom is uitgekomen met hulp van Stage-USA! 

Score 4/5

Graphic Design stage

14th of march 2013 -Ik ben Maurice Scholten en zit op dit moment in LA waar mijn droom waarheid is geworden. Ik wilde sinds ik klein was al naar Amerika om voor de TV/Radio te werken. Tijdens mijn opleiding als graphic designer is een stage van een half jaar verplicht. Ik heb hier vanaf het begin voor gespaard, omdat ik wist dat een buitenlandse stage aardig wat geld ging kosten. Nu wat het probleem in mijn geval niet een financieel probleem, maar het probleem was het vinden van een stageplaats in mijn vakgebied. Stage-USA heeft mij aan een  goede stageplek geholpen. Het is erg moeilijk om een buitenlandse stage te vinden in de Movie/entertainment sector dus ik was allang blij dat ik daar naartoe kon!   Lees verder >

Sofie in Miami

I only have good experiences with Stage-USA. They arranged my flight and Visa and internship in Miami.

Score 4/5

Tourism Internship

December 3rd 2012 -I’m currently studying Tourism in the Netherlands. During these studies it is obligatory to go on an internship abroad. My university had no possibilities in Miami, where I really wanted to go to because part of my family is living there and I could stay there for free.  I searched online to find out what other possibilities there were when I found Stage-USA offering a Front Office position in Miami. Lees verder >

Katharina in Miami

I had difficulties with finding a paid internship, but Stage-USA had several possibilities! 

Score 4/5

Paid Internship

28th of may 2013 -I don’t know if it is because of the cultural difference( I am born and raised in Germany), or because paid internships in de USA are very rare in general, but the reason I chose for Stage-USA was that they offer paid internships. During my search I discovered that it was almost impossible to find a paid internship abroad.  Lees verder >

Mariët in Los Angeles

Kwalitatief erg goede en perfect op mijn opleiding aansluitende stage gevonden via Stage-USA

Score 4/5

Business Management stage

22 januari 2013 -Beste Lezer, Ik schrijf deze review omdat ik er tijdens mijn zoektocht naar een stage in Amerika achter kwam dat het vinden van een stage een erg gecompliceerd proces is. Ik heb zelf hulp gevonden bij Stage-USA. Zij hadden geen bedrijf in hun bestand dat perfect aan mijn, noch de eisen van de Universiteit voldeed. Lees verder >

Jeroen in New York

Ik heb mijn J-1 Visum via Stage-Australia geregeld en ben hier erg tevreden over! 

Score 4/5

Zelf stage gevonden

2 oktober 2012 -Ik heb via mijn school zelf een stage-bedrijf gevonden in de USA( NYC) voor mijn studie International Business & Management. Nu liep ik tegen het probleem aan dat dit bedrijf weinig verstand had van het aanvragen van een visum voor mij. Toen ik zelf aan het uitzoeken ben gegaan over hoe het aanvragen van een J1- visum in zijn werk ging werd het mij allemaal te ingewikkeld en ben ik via verschillende websites bij Stage-USA terecht gekomen. Lees verder >

Kees in Miami

Generally, I was very satisfied with the service of Stage-USA, thus I have already recommended them to other people.

Score 4/5

Satisfying Service

25th of october 2012 -At this moment I am 10 weeks in Miami doing my internship. Everything is going just fine. On one point I had the impression that my actual tasks were not fitting to my training plan, but after talking to the company about my it they recognized the issue and solved the problem straight away. Ever since, I am confident about my situation and enjoying my internship. Lees verder >

Marlijn in NYC

Completing an internship within the US is certainly an once in a lifetime oportunity and the first step to a succesful career.

Score 5/5

Perfect Match

November 2012 - I am definitely living the American dream. At the moment I am working for an Event agency within Manhattan and really can call it the “perfect match”. After only three months I can already tell that my skills have improved a lot. I have to work hard, but I do it with a lot of passion. Thus, the company assigned a lot of responsibility to me over the months. Lees verder >

Chantal in Miami

Overal, I could rely on the service of Stage-USA and I gained a lot of experience during my internship period within the US. 

Score 4/5

Internship Experience

13th of june 2012 -Stage-USA has been very supportive while arranging all the necessary documents. Due to a really good communication, I always received immediate answers on my questions.  Lees verder >

Lisanne in Zuid-Florida

Mijn stage in Zuid-Florida was heel erg leuk. Het is zeer leerzaam geweest en ik heb hele leuke ervaringen opgedaan daar.

Score 5/5

Stage in Zuid-Florida

December 2011 -Ik ben heel tevreden over de service van Stage-USA. Bij vragen of onduidelijkheden kreeg ik altijd een snel antwoord en de hulpverlening tijdens het hele proces is heel goed verlopen. Ik heb eigenlijk geen verbeterpunten voor Stage-USA en beoordeel het daarom met 5 sterren. Lees verder >

David in Miami

Beste ervaring! Ik heb veel geleerd van de Amerikaanse cultuur.

Score 4/5


Januari 2012 -Ik heb in 2011 een half jaar in Miami stage gelopen bij een evenementen bureau. Het was een geweldige periode waarin ik veel geleerd heb over de Amerikaanse cultuur. Stage-USA heeft voor mij een goede stage gevonden die past bij mijn wensen en opleiding. Lees verder >


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