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Traineeship Paulo

Door: Paulo

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May 24th, 2019. Through Stage USA I could achieve one of the biggest adventures of my life and they helped out a lot. Communication is super fast and the process is explained very certain and good. The VISA-service and its help through the provided guides was awesome, thank you so much guys! Will definitely come back to you again, Number 1 in Europe!  You guys helped me achieving a dream, which is awesome and I thank you really a lot and won’t forget it. I am very happy being here with your help and it’s according to my expectations.


I think there could be probably a bit more explanation in the very first intake about the close timeline to departure in finding a right fit. Especially in New York I realized, that internships, housing and all the rest is very short on time and handled close to departure. In the beginning I sometimes wasn't that sure if it's going to work or not because we were short in time. But with the help and explanation after some weeks of Stage USA, it worked out great and then I understood the process well. Thanks a lot!